Racine County UW-Extension is a partnership among Racine County, UW-Extension, USDA, and local partners and volunteers. The annual reports provide an overview of a variety of projects and programs. To learn more about this long-term partnership, go to Cooperative Extension.

Racine County UW-Extension Annual Reports

Extension Education Committee
Oversight for the Racine County UW-Extension office comes from the UW Extension Education Committee which is appointed every two years by the Racine County Executive. Committee members include:

  • David Cooke, County Board Supervisor, Committee Chair
  • Mike Dawson, County Board Supervisor
  • Thomas Roanhouse, County Board Supervisor
  • Thomas Czerniak, Citizen Member
  • David Smerchek, Citizen Member

Staff Directory

Vision, Purpose and Values of Cooperative Extension

University of Wisconsin-Extension Organizational Charts

2015 Nondiscrimination Letter to Community Partners

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