4-H STEM Projects

Fun Facts– It takes only eight minutes for a Space Shuttle to accelerate to a speed of more than 17,000 miles (27,359 kilometers) per hour.


Resource Leaders

Kirk Weese- Tractors

Jason Dobbs- Robotics

Kyle Baumann – Legos

Kay Rowntree- Nature Space

Project Goals

In this project, youth learn to interact with computers and technologies to explore the world of animated presentations, interactive Web sites, geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), robotics and video editing. Youth may also learn about safety and a variety of engineering areas from bicycles and lawn mowers to leaf blowers and tractors.

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What do water, energy, science, technology, math, engineering, soil, plants and animals have in common?

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Key Terms/Project Areas

Aerospace and Rocketry





Mechanical Science- projects may include: Automotive, small engines, snowmobiles, handyman project,


Scale Models

Tractor Operations and Maintenance,






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