4-H Shooting Sports Projects

 Shoo4-H Shooting Sports Logoting Sports is a “Project Area” which includes multiple projects. Racine County 4-H supports these projects with county-wide leadership.
County Resource Contacts
Firearms: Les Hedrington

Site: Racine Instinctive Bowman
Site Coordinators: Jodi Celeste & Jessi Bohl      

Site: West Allis Bowman
Site Coordinator: Gary Martin

Site: Buck Trail Archers
Site Coordinators: Ralph and Karen Jannene

Shooting Sports Basic 4-H Guideline Handbook for Shooting Sports Leaders
Archery Project Dates 2016
Firearm Project Dates 2016

Project Areas
Archery: Learn the fundamentals of archery marksmanship, learn rules and safety guidelines, make archery equiptment, shoot with sights and different bows. Grades 3-13

Rifle: introduction to air rifle and .22 rifle through dry firing; learn to sight your rifle and score targets; learn various shooting positions; learn safety policies and procedures. Grades: 3-12 for air rifle.  Ages 12 years old and above for .22 rifle.

Shotgun: learn the basic safety issues with shotgun handling; learn shooting fundamentals; learn the proper way to carry a shotgun. Ages: 12 years old and above.


Project Goals:  Goals of the 4-H Shooting Sports program are to give youth thorough instruction in gun safety, provide proper training in the use of firearms, create an appreciation of natural resources, and develop self-confidence and responsibility. Wisconsin county leaders must participate in a shooting sports workshop sanctioned by the state before offering 4-H Shooting Sports as a project. Workshops are held each year. Check with your county 4-H office for times and locations. According to state policy, 4-H youth ages 8-11 cannot operate any powder-burning firearm. This includes, but is not limited to, .22 handgun or rifle, muzzleloading handgun or rifle, or shotgun.

Fun Fact:  Hunters and anglers provide more than 75% of the annual funds of the 50 state conservation agencies. Sportsmen are the largest contributors to conservation, paying for programs that benefit all Americans and all wildlife.


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