4-H Horticulture Projects

Fun FactYou can trap snails and slugs by moistening a piece of newspaper and loosely rolling it into a tube. The snails and slugs will seek shelter in it during daylight hours.

Resource Leaders

Les Warren- Superintendent

Scott Rowntree- Superintendent, Kan-Do 4-H Club

Jill Jacobs- Norway 4-H Club

Kay Rowntree- Kan-Do 4-H Club

Project Goals

This 4-H project gives youth knowledge in selecting, planting, growing and, harvesting plants for home food production and beautification.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Flowers and Plants- youth learn about growing plants and flowers as well as arranging them to be appealing to the eye.

Plant and Soil Science-projects include: Farm Crops, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Unique Horticulture




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