4-H Goat Project

Fun Fact– Goat milk has a more easily digestible fat and protein content than cow milk. It has a better buffering quality, which is good for the treatment of ulcers, and can successfully replace cow milk in diets of those who are allergic to cow milk.

Resource Leaders

Debbie Dabbs-Superintendent

Penni Kite-Asst. Superintendent

GregĀ Brackett- Superintendent, Cloverview 4-H Club

Brenda Gerou- Yorkville 4-H Club

Marion Koch- Raymond 4-H Club

Laura Pulda- Cloverview 4-H Club

Project Goals

4-H members who choose to take a goat project will learn about goat breeds and characteristics, the fundamentals of raising goats, and goat health.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Dairy- Goats primarily bred for milk production

Meat- Goats primarily bred for meat production

Doe– Female Goat, sometimes called Nannies

Buck– Male Goat, sometimes called Billies

Kid– Young Goat

Wether- Castrated Goat

County Activities

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Goat Showmanship Tips


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