4-H Ambassadors

A 4-H Ambassador is a 4-H member chosen to represent the Racine County 4-H Program. To be selected is an honor.

2014-2015 Ambassadors

Haley Hall, Abby Korb, Lilly Buchholz, Alyson Buchholz, Megan Billmyer,

Taylor Schaefer, Grace Boyle, Caroline Breitzke, Emily Bird, Sidni Schultz

Emily Manthei, Jera Monaghan, Ellie Monaghan, Mason Sinda, Riley Sinda

Vandana Prins & Coby Kinsey


Benefits of being a 4-H Ambassador

  • Increase your knowledge of 4-H
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Gain new leadership skills
  • Gain more awareness of your own strengths and capabilities
  • Enjoy getting others excited about 4-H

Qualifications: Mature, responsible, neat appearance, leadership abilities, able to speak in front of a group, must be able to travel around the county and must be enthusiastic. Have a sincere desire to promote 4-H, willingness to interact with the general public and a commitment of time and energy. Must attend at least 3 events and help at the county fair and make 75% of Ambassadors meetings.

Must be at least in eighth grade.

Duties: To promote 4-H throughout Racine County.

  • Promote 4-H in local media with newspaper articles and radio.
  • Visit all clubs once a year.
  • Attend Youth and Open Class Judging Events at the County Fair to distribute trophies and ribbons.
  • Assist with the 4-H booth and call booth at the County Fair.
  • Help Emcee countywide 4-H events, such as Clothing Revue, Demonstration Contest, Food Fest, and other events upon request.
  • Visit area schools to promote 4-H.
  • Participate in area parades.
  • Attend Racine County Leader’s Association and County Board meetings quarterly with a report of activities.
  • Organize trip recipients to speak at meetings.
  • Present and help organize the new family orientation.
  • Community Service Projects.
  • Attend State 4-H and Youth Conference in the Ambassador track.
  • Help with auction during the fair & tour of fair grounds, etc.

Selection: Applicants must submit the Ambassador application form to the Extension office in September. There may be more than one 4-H Ambassador chosen, but selection may be limited to sixteen.

Ambassador Adviser: Krista Paul paulhouse13@gmail.com

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