Exploring 4-H

Fun  Fact- The 4-H colors are white and green. White stands for purity. Green stands for life, youth, and springtime.

Project Goals

The Exploring project allows the youngest 4-H members try a variety of age appropriate projects, learn more about 4-H, and develop new skills. Explorers are enthusiastic, curious, creative, robust and resilient young people who are growing physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally through a period of rapid and often uneven development.  The 4-H Exploring Program has been designed to meet the very special needs of these five to eight year olds.

The overall purpose of the 4-H Cloverbud Program is to foster the development of life skills (described below) that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical maturation of five to eight year old children.  Specifically, this program aims to provide participants with opportunities to:

  1. develop self understanding, social skills, decision-making skills, learning skills and physical skills;
  2. gain knowledge in the sciences, literature, and the arts through the experiential (hands-on) learning process;
  3. develop positive attitudes about learning
  4. develop on-going relationships with caring adults and older youth who serve as positive role models;
  5. explore family and community relationships
  6. develop understanding and appreciation for social and cultural diversity.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Explorers often try different projects and activities to see which ones they like the best. Some explorers try baking, nature activities, arts and crafts, science and engineering, or small animals.

County Activities

4-H Day Camp is the perfect opportunity to allow young explorers the chance to meet other youth from the county while participating in fun and educational activities.

Activities Happening throughout the State and Nation

Wisconsin 4-H Exploring/Cloverbud Projects

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.

Activities for Youth and Volunteers

Healthy Recipies to Make with Kids

Nature Activities

Raise Butterflies

Lots of Arts and Crafts Ideas

American Veterinary Medical Association’s Small Pet Activities and Workbook

PBS Science and Engineering Activities

Make your own Slime!


Other Websites

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