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4-H Rabbit Project

Fun Fact- The longest ears are 31.125 inches long. They belong to an American rabbit, Nipper’s Geronimo.

Resource Leaders

Ron Christensen- Superintendent

Paul Louise- Superintendent, Rising Stars 4-H Club

Rose Burdette- Country view 4-H Club

Vicki Cottone-Schultz- Rising Stars 4-H Club

Nikki Deschler- Rising Stars 4-H Club

Donna Dixon- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

Kris Endemann- Sunnyside 4-H Club

Krystle Field- Raymond 4-H Club

Jane Goessl- Norway 4-H Club

Catherine Haglund- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

Debbie Herolt- Cloverview 4-H Club

Julie Minikowski- Sunnyside 4-H Club

Fidelis Steinhoff- Yorkville 4-H Club

Patricia Steinhoff- Yorkville 4-H Club

Lisa Williams- Cloverview 4-H Club

Lee Woelbing- Raymond 4-H Club

Lisa Woelbing- Raymond 4-H Club

Tina Zabler- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

Project Goals

By participating in the Rabbit project, youth will learn more about raising, breeding, caring, and showing their rabbit. Skills like good sportsmanship, responsibility, and dedication will develop from participating in this project.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Senior- 6 months or older

Junior- under 6 months

Buck- male rabbit

Doe- female rabbit

County Activities

Rabbit Project Fair Announcement

July 23rd, Saturday from 9 a.m. – till – ?  We will be setting up the rabbit cages.  The more help the faster it will go.

July 29th Auction Sign Up  9-NoonYou will not need to pay $2.00 at the time of sign up it will  be deducted from your sale check this year.
Aug 1st, Monday from 9 a.m. till – ?  We will be taking down cages and cleaning the rabbit exhibit.  The more help, the faster it will go.

Cages can be decorated anytime Monday, July 25th after 6:30 p.m. and before Wednesday morning.  Don’t forget to read your fair book for additional information.  If there is a problem contact Dave Zabler, 262-534-9930, Louise Paul 262-497-5975  or Tina Zabler262-492-3367. We are in need of volunteers to help with check-in on Tuesday.  The times are Tuesday, July 27th   from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Please contact Dave or Louise if you can help.

Notice to all rabbit leaders.  We need an accurate cage count of the number of rabbits that your club is going to show.  This will be needed before the setup day.  Contact Dave, Louise or Tina with those numbers by July 17th.

Activities Happening throughout the State and Nation

Wisconsin 4-H Rabbit Project Website

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.

Wisconsin Rabbit Shows

ARBA National Convention

Activities for Youth and Volunteers

4-H Rabbit Project Record Book

All About Dutch Demonstration

Learn all about Rabbits including:Caging, Illness and Treatment, Tatooing, Record Keeping, Grooming, Showing, Housing and Equipment, Choosing your Rabbit, and Sexing Your Rabbit

Type of Market Rabbits

Basic Rabbit Diseases and Treatment


Other Websites

American Rabbit Breeders Association

Wisconsin State Rabbit Breeders Association

Pictures of all current ARBA recognized breeds

Disqualifications for Rabbits

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