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4-H Nature Space Projects

Fun Facts- If a mole does not find food within 12 hours, it will die. Its chief food consists of insects and earthworms.

County Resource People

Kay Rowntree-Natural Science Superintendent

Project Goals

You can find lots to do in this great outdoor adventure. Learn about fish and wildlife and the habitats in which they live. Check out outdoor sports, such as fishing and hunting. Learn about forests and how they contribute to people and wildlife.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Nature collections and displays- insects, wildflowers, leaves, bark/tree fragments, animal tracks, rocks, tree seeds

Adventure- canoeing, kayaking, camping, winter sports, outdoor safety, outdoor survival skills, outdoor cooking, backpacking, hiking, orienteering, bicycling, rock climbing, first aid


County Activities

Activities Happening throughout the State and Nation

Wisconsin 4-H Adventures Webpage

Wisconsin 4-H Backpacking and Hiking Webpage

Wisconsin 4-H Canoeeing Webpage

Wisconsin 4-H Entemology Webpage

Wisconsin 4-H Exploring Your Environment Webpage

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Wisconsin 4-H Wildflowers Webpage

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.

Activities for Youth and Volunteers

Exploring your Public Lands

Help to research and monitor butterflies

Lost Ladybug Project-Help to research and monitor ladybugs

Colorado’s Sportsfishing Program

Camping Resources

Hiking Resources

Backpacking Resources

Leave No Trace

eBird- a free, real-time, online program that enlists birdwatchers to record the presence or absence of different bird species

Nature’s Notebook- learn how to observe plant and animal phenology and contribute new observations

BudBurst- observe and record budding trees

Project Squirel- count the number of squirrels in their neighborhoods and report their findings.-

Citizen Science

Other Websites

The Encyclopedia of Life- an online, collaborative project where you can learn about any species on Earth, as well as contribute information and submit photos.-

Wisconsin DNR Environmental Education for Kids

Wisconsin DNR

American Birding Association

Nature Conservancy

4-H Downstream

State Wide Blog

Citizen Scientist Blog-

News from Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

For more information from the DNR, visit:

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