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4-H Beef Project

Fun Fact- Residents of Seymour, Wisconsin, hold a “Home of the Hamburger” celebration every August 5. Residents of that town claim their own Charlie Nagreen as the hamburger’s inventor.

Resource Leaders

Kenneth Uhlenhake- Superintendent

Kevin Wilks- Superintendent

Gary Beck- Cloverview 4-H Club

Chad Henderson- Cloverview 4-H Club

Rebecca Henderson- Cloverview 4-H Club

Linnet Henningfeld- Rising Stars 4-H Club

Thomas Henningfeld- Cloverview 4-H Club

Donell Kastenson- Raymond 4-H Club

Elmer Kastenson- Raymond 4-H Club

Julie Kreuscher- Kan-Do 4-H Club

Anita Wollmer- Kan-Do 4-H Club

Project Goals

The 4-H Beef project encourages integrity, sportsmanship, cooperation and an ability to communicate through activities such as speeches, judging events, tours and showing.

Key Terms/Project Areas

County Activities

Activities Happening throughout the State and Nation

Wisconsin 4-H Beef Project 

UW- Extension Wisconsin Beef Information Center

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.

Activities for Youth and Volunteers

Virtual Beef Farm

4-H Beef Resources from Texas A&M

Information on Production Beef

Beginning Resource Book for the Beef Project

Beef Showmanship Tips

Grooming and Fitting tips

Beef Grading

Other Websites

Breeds of Cattle

Beef it’s What’s for Dinner

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Beef Nutrition

Beef Research

Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association and Wisconsin Beef Improvement

Wisconsin Angus Association

State Wide Blog

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