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4-H Sheep Project

Fun Fact- The core of a baseball is wrapped with 150 yards of wool yarn.

Resource Leaders

Kevin Ketterhagen- Superintendent, Cloverview 4-H Club

Ric Isaacson- Superintendent

Gerhardt Schattner- County Resource Leader

Richard Bonner- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

Kris Endemann- Sunnyside 4-H Club

Chris Gassenhuber- Tucker 4-H Club

Denice Gassenhuber- Tucker 4-H Club

Jacob Isaacson- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

William Kitzrow- Yorkville 4-H Club

Daniel Koldeway- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

Julie Minikowski- Sunnyside 4-H Club

Melissa Nelson- Tucker 4-H Club

Linda Ratkovec- Norway 4-H Club

Nancy Torres- Kan-Do 4-H Club

Project Goals

The sheep project supports good sportsmanship, cooperation and an ability to communicate through activities around the ideas of wool, meat, and production through exhibits and demonstrations.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Ewe- Female sheep

Ram- male sheep

Hogget- one-year old sheep

Two-Tooth- two-year old sheep

County Activities

Make it With Wool

The Wisconsin Make It With Wool Contest will be held Saturday, September 10, 2011 during the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival at Jefferson County Fair Park in Jefferson. Garment competition is open to Preteens through Adults. Quilt, afghan and novelty entries are open to all ages.   

Complete contest information is available at or

For brochures, flyers, entry forms, questions or more information, contact Wisconsin Make It With Wool Director Carol Battenberg at or 920-699-2233.

Activities Happening throughout the State and Nation

Wisconsin 4-H Sheep Project

UW-Extension Sheep Resources

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.

Activities for Youth and Volunteers

4-H Show Lamb Guide

4-H Sheep Resources from Texas A&M

Breeds of Sheep

Gain Your Lambs Trust to Walk with You


Other Websites

Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative

American Sheep Industry Association

Mid-States Wool Growers

Dairy Sheep Association

State Wide Blog

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