4-H Horse and Pony Project

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Fun Fact – Horses produce approximately 10 gallons of saliva (spit) each day.

Julie Aldrich -Sunnyside 4-H 262-210-6692

Johnia Burgan -Kan-Do 4-H 262-770-9750

Kelly Chapeta -All4One 4-H 262-945-9617

Marge Cook -Tucker 4-H 262-835-2520

Sarah Cook -Tucker 4-H 262-880-1352

Katie Hagemann -Burlington FFA 262-763-0200

Debbie Hahn -Kan-Do 4-H 262-637-3603

Sam Johnson -All4One 4-H 414-232-2679

Jody Keedu -Yorkville 4-H 262-664-5971

Anna Kirchenberg -Tucker 4-H 262-637-5441

Rebecca Knapp -Raymond 4-H 262-470-2442

Louise Paul -Rising Stars 4-H 262-878-0384

Gail Runkel -Burlington Back 40 4-H 262-537-4389

Nicole Schemehorn -Sunnyside 4-H 414-305-5192

Tammy Shabty -Burlington Back 40 4-H 262-744-1774

Janay Siemers -Burlington Back 40 4-H 262-514-2603

Janet Soens -Cloverview 4-H 262-534-2028

Ken Soens -Cloverview 4-H 262-534-2028

Tonia Vieau-Johnson -All4One 4-H 262-635-9977

Marcia Werner -Tucker 4-H 262-681-9318

Project Goals

The 4-H horse program allows youth to develop horsemanship skills. You will also learn skills through educational activities such as horse judging, horse bowls, hippology, speech and demonstration contests. You don’t have to own a horse to be involved. 

Key Terms/Project Areas

  • Colt – A young male horse, 4 years old or younger
  • Filly – A young female horse, 4 years old or younger
  • Foal – A newborn or very young horse, male or female
  • Gelding – A male horse that has been castrated, or gelded
  • Mare – A mature female horse
  • Stallion – A male horse that has not been castrated
  • Dam – The term give to a female horse when she becomes a mother
  • Sire – The term given to a stallion when he becomes a father

County Activities

Horse/Horseless Horse Project Workshops and Clinics: Workshops are held at Raymond Town Hall and clinics are held at Racine County Fair Grounds unless otherwise noted

Resource Leaders

Jerry Holbert- Superintendent

Jenna Reavis- Superintendent

Interesting Links

 4-H Horse Association Handbook

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