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4-H Horse and Pony Project

Father’s Day Show — June 15th, 2014

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2014 Fathers Day Show entry


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Fun Fact- Horses produce approximately 10 gallons of saliva (spit) each day.

Resource Contacts:

Jerry Hullbert- Superintendent

Jenna Reavis- Superintendent

Project Goals

The 4-H horse program allows youth to develop horsemanship skills. You will also learn skills through educational activities such as horse judging, horse bowls, hippology, speech and demonstration contests. You don’t have to own a horse to be involved. 

Key Terms/Project Areas

  • Colt – A young male horse, 4 years old or younger
  • Filly – A young female horse, 4 years old or younger
  • Foal – A newborn or very young horse, male or female
  • Gelding – A male horse that has been castrated, or gelded
  • Mare – A mature female horse
  • Stallion – A male horse that has not been castrated
  • Dam – The term give to a female horse when she becomes a mother
  • Sire – The term given to a stallion when he becomes a father


County Activities

Horse/Horseless Horse Project Workshops and Clinics: Workshops are held at Raymond Town Hall and clinics are held at Racine County Fair Grounds unless otherwise noted

The workshop and clinic dates for 2013-2014 are:


2nd & 3rd:  Model Horses 3-5PM @ Anna Kirchenberg / 1931 Mars Ave., Racine, WI 53404

9th & 10th:  Model Horses 3-5PM @ Anna Kirchenberg / 1931 Mars Ave., Racine WI 53404

21st,  Thursday  7PM / County Workshop @ Raymond Town Hall

1st of the 2 MANDATORY meetings (must attend Nov or Feb)



19th Thursday 7PM / County Workshop @ Raymond Town Hall

Bits & Bridles & Hippology



4th & 5th: Model Horses 3-5PM @ Anna Kirchenberg / 1931 Mars Ave., Racine WI 53404

16th Thursday 7 PM / County Workshop @ Raymond Town Hall

Lynne Lev / Judging

25th Saturday 11AM – 1 PM @ Marge Cooks Bent Horse Shoe Farm 5216 County Road V, Franksville, WI

Showmanship  & Fitting your horse to show



20th, Thursday 7PM / County Workshop  @ Raymond Town Hall  2nd of the MANDATORY meetings / if you did not attend Nov. you must attend this one Hippology



20th, Thursday 7PM / County Workshop @ Raymond Town Hall

Quiz Bowl

22nd, Tack Sale



11th – 13th Midwest Horse Fair / Madison

17th, Thursday 7PM / County Workshop @ Raymond Town Hall

Braiding & Banding Fitting horse for showing

Fair Tags & ID Forms




5th Monday Clinic 6-8PM

7th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

12th Monday Clinic 6-8PM

14th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

15th Thursday 7PM / County Workshop @ Raymond Town Hall

Horse Hut Work night

17th Saturday Clinic 10-3 JON WOLF

19th Monday Clinic 6-8PM Jennifer Raemisch TRAIL

28th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

31st Saturday Clinic 8 – noon



2nd Monday Clinic 6-8PM

4th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

7th Saturday / Marge Cook 10Am-1PM Showmanship

9th Monday 6-8PM

11th Wednesday 6-8PM

14th Saturday / Betty Kolawski 9AM-Noon

14th Saturday / Set Up Father’s Day Show 4PM

15th Sunday / Father’s Day Show

16th Monday Clinic 6-8PM

18th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

19th Thursday WORKSHOP 7PM Ice Cream Social & Quiz Bowl @Raymond Town Hall

21st Saturday / Jen Zahorik 9AM-noon

23rd Monday Clinic 6-8PM

25th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

28th Saturday / Stefanie Adams 9AM – Noon

30th Monday Clinic 6-8PM



2nd Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

7th Monday Clinic 6-8PM

9th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM

12th Saturday 9-Noon

14th Monday Clinic 6-8PM

16th Wednesday Clinic 6-8PM


22nd Tuesday FAIR HAUL-IN


All clinics are held at the Racine County Fairgrounds at 6pm.  They are sponsored by different clubs in the county.

Racine County 4-H Horse Project Facebook Page


Resource Leaders

Jerry Holbert- Superintendent

Jenna Reavis- Superintendent

Leader contacts will be updated after 2012-2013 registration is complete 

Activities Happening throughout the State and Nation

Wisconsin 4-H Horse Project

Wisconsin State Youth 4-H Horse Association

UW- Extension Horse Resources- Lots of Links

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.-

Activities for Youth and Volunteers

Virtual Horse Farm

Breeds of Horses

4-H Horse Resources from Texas A&M

4-H Horse Reference Manual

Other Websites

State Wide Blog

News and Events

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