4-H Afterschool

4-H Youth Development staff are partnering with schools and other community based organizations to improve the quality and quantity of Afterschool programs.

Goals of 4-H Afterschool in Racine County:

  1. Afterschool program staff and volunteers improve their ability to offer high quality care, education and developmental experiences for youth.
  2. Teens, adult volunteers and Afterschool staff adapt 4-H curriculum and share 4-H project skills with youth involved in 4-H Afterschool programs.
  3. Youth, who participate in Afterschool activities based on 4-H project curriculum, improve communication, decision-making, teamwork and other life skills.
  4. Active and self sustaining 4-H Afterschool Clubs improve the quality and community support for after-school programs.


Wisconsin 4-H Tech Wizards: to participate, contact Clarence Allan at: clarence.allen@rusd.org

Racine COP House 4-H Summer Fun Clubs 

Burlington 4-H Summer Fun Club & Reading Program

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