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4-H Dairy Project

Fun Fact- Four Alices in Dairyland (Merrie Barney,1959; Beth Bartosh, 1964; Janice Findlay, 1976; and Laura Oldenberg, 1978) called Burlington in Racine County home when they were selected as Alice.

Resource Leaders

– Superintendent

John Scott- Dairy Judging Team Leader, Raymond 4-H Club

Bruce Peterson- County Resource Leader

Judy Bratz- Kan-Do 4-H Club

Beth Brunn- Tucker 4-H Club

Jill Jacobs- Norway 4-H Club

Julie Lauber- Rising Stars 4-H Club

David Osenga- Yorkville 4-H Club

Judy Uhlenhake- Burlington Back 40 4-H Club

Project Goals

The 4-H dairy program will teach you about the selection, production, management, health and showing of dairy animals. 

Key Terms/Project Areas

Bovine – Refers to cattle or oxen.

Bull- a sexually mature male bovine

Cow- a mature female bovine

Calf- an immature male or female bovine

Heifer – A bovine female less than three years of age who has not borne a calf. Young cows with their first calves are often called first-calf heifers.

Transition Cow - A cow that is from 2 months before 1 month after expected calving date.

Veal - A calf (usually male) that is raised on milk and is intended to be used for meat at a young age. Veal meat is served at many restaurants and is very popular in cultural cuisine.

County Activities



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